Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Rhode to Everywhere

David Rhodes' many passions have taken him on one journey after another. Snowboarding led to photography, which led to music, and making movies, and now he can add shoe designer to his list. amfm came across Rhodes for his collaboration with Keds, featuring a series of prints inspired by the future, the universe, and some of Rhodes nature imagery.

Aside from some sick shoes, this guy makes sick art! He is most widely known for his abstract photography of nature, music and cell phone art. Yes, that's right cell phone art...I too was a little skeptical at first, and a little confused as to what exactly cell phone art is, but I've seen it. And I'm not quite sure how he does it, but I'll tell you one thing, I like it. See for yourself at his website...

In his cellphone art collection "Music," the raw photos are taken at various concerts, taken in what appears to be a negative film effect that makes images appear neon. The photos are taken at just the right moment to either transpose the image or capture it in it's essence. "Creation" (above) is the first abstract picture he took with a cellphone at a 311 concert back in 2007. He says on his web site that that one photo "created a life of it's own."

He got some very cool shots at shows like 311, Rage against the Machine, and of Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Not your typical band shots either, whether you like these bands or not, the art alone is cool enough. His other collections are just as inspiring. They inspire you to look at nature through a different lens, and you see the world a different way, the way Rhodes wants you to see it.

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